Connecticut Kids Vote again to come back to USA Wrestling

October 27, 2001


In the second time in as many months the Kids Club Directors of CT voted unanimously once again to leave AAU for USA Wrestling. All parties agreed it is now time to move on and put the organization issue to rest. Mike Quibble reiterated what was proposed the previous month and is summarized here-


     Tournament sanction fees will be covered by the USA State Organization rather than the hosting club who customarily covers this cost or USA Kids.

     The hosting club of each tournament will not be subject to any fee by the USA State Org. to operate their tournament.

     The same group of individuals / clubs, now known formally as USA Kids, who have been making the decisions these past couple of years as to which clubs operate the winter folkstyle tournaments on which dates will remain unchanged.

     Age groups will be determined by year of birth. The age-group classifications for 2002 are as follows-

o       Bantam- 1994-95

o       Midget- 1992-93

o       Novice - 1990-91

o       Schoolboys-      1988-89

o       Cadets-  1986-87

o       Juniors    9/1/82 1985 and have not yet graduated

     Mike Quibble will execute the proposed plan for non USA Kids activities as spelled-out here and on the website. Any changes to the proposed plan will only be for modifications that will improve the plan with the addition of new opportunities rather then the subtraction of what is already there.

     USA Kids will determine what, if any, charges to be incurred for operating club tournaments and the end of the year State Championships.

     USA Kids to discuss and plan new tournament guidelines during the next meeting on Nov 10th at Berlin H.S. at 8:30 AM.

     USA Kids to be self-supportive financially through their present account balance and that, if any, which may be collected throughout the year from club tournaments and the state championships.

     Mike Quibble explained that the USA State Org. offer to run club tournaments was from the standpoint of educating a group of at least 10 club reps from those who will hosting a tournament to adopt a consistent approach where 4 of the 10 members will rotate and take turns running each weekends tournament.

     Anyone hosting a USA sanctioned tournament must be a USA sanctioned club.



Additional programs & opportunities available to the kids group.

o       Fall & winter clinics free to all members featuring world class athletes and coaches. (Sept, Oct, Nov, Mar, Apr)

o       A fall travel schedule of out-of-state tournaments.

o       A winter schoolboy folkstyle team that travels to our neighboring states seeking out the toughest competition that we can find.

o       A commuter summer camp program allowing our younger wrestlers easier access to this great event where parents usually refrain from sending their youngsters overnight. This camp will feature & be solely operated by Iowa wrestlers and champions. Camp fees will be less than half the cost of many local and regional camps!

o       A spring / summer freestyle & greco program for Schoolboys, Cadets and Juniors.

o       (tentative) a 2-day camp with Chris Bono & Cael Sanderson.

o       (tentative) a December and January clinic for Kids only with date and place TBD after discussion with USA Kids.

o       Copper & Bronze coaches certification courses.



Next scheduled meeting is Saturday November 10, 2001 8:30 AM at Berlin H.S.


September 15, 2001 USA Meeting Summary