Mike Powers

Age- 13

JFK Middle School in Enfield

7 Yrs. of Wrestling Experience


Schoolboy Team


Wrestling Accomplishments-




Personal Quote- “My best experience was traveling together as a team to all the tournaments. I would like to thank you for the experiences I had. I would also like to

thank Coach Musso, Coach Seras, Coach Leischner, and Coach Cucolo.”


Father’s Quote- “As a well traveled wrestler's Dad, I saw some great matches wrestled out of our CT boys in PA and in NJ. All coaches that have been working with this group during the wrestling season as well as in the post season should feel proud. I would like to think that CT is catching on with off season wrestling be it as simple as an open mat

which there are many, or wrestling clubs as well as off season CT tournaments and dual meets. I see an immediate positive impact on CT wrestling. Also, CT wrestlers are being given many opportunities to wrestle. I hope this trend continues. Some may call it AAU others USA I call it wrestling. To the CT wrestling community my son’s and I APPRECIATE and need all of your unselfish efforts. Thanks The Powers Family”



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