Loomis Chaffee Wins New England Title


The Loomis Chaffee Wrestling Team claimed its first New England Prep School Title in school history.  The team managed to place 9 wrestlers out

of 14 wt classes wrestled.    Nine Pelicans - Ravid Chowdhury, Greg Konover, Peter Lawrence, Ian Barrett,  Andrew Wilcox, Mike Tousignant,

Kelly Tripplehorn, Steven Camerota and Chris Jones - advanced to the semi-finals with Chowdhury, Barrett, Wilcox and Tousignant advancing to

the finals.  In New England Tournament history, this is only the second time a team has won without having an individual champion.


Seven LC wrestlers that competed in the tournament are from Connecticut. They are Chowdhury - Glastonbury, Konover - Avon, Lawrence - Greenwich,

Barrett - West Hartford, Camerota - Enfield, Jones - West Hartford, and John Clark (did not place) - Windsor. 


Team Scores


1.  Loomis Chaffee                   163

2  Northfield Mt. Hermon         151

3.  Phillips Exeter                      145.5

4.  Belmont Hill                         97

5.  Brooks School                    92

6.  Pomfret School                    89

7.  Williston Northampton         85.5

8.  Trinity Pawling                     83

9.  Roxbury Latin                      75

10. Milton Academy                 51.5

11. Choate Rosemary Hall        45.9

12. St. Mark's School               49

13. Landmark School               42.5

14. Taft School                         41

15. New Hampton School        40

15. Phillips Andover                 40

17. Brunswick School               36

18. Suffield Academy               33

19. Wilbraham & Monson        27

19. Moses Brown                     27

21. Hyde (CT) School              22

22. Tilton School                      21

23. Governor Dummer Academy          20

23. Hamden Hall                      20

25. Concord Academy             15.5

25. Proctor Academy               15.5

27. Green Farms Academy       15

27. Lexington Christian School  15

27. Hyde (ME) School             15

27. Worcester Academy           15

31. Deerfield Academy             13

31. Eaglebrook School             13

33. Avon Old Farms                 12

33. New York Military Academy          12

35. Buckingham, Browne & Nichols     11

35. St. Paul's School                 11

37. Salisbury School                 8

38. Thayer                                6

38. Hopkins School                  6

40. Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall    4

41. Noble & Greenough           3

41. Providence Country Day     3

43. Canterbury School              2

44. Hotchkiss School                1

45. Cardigan Mountain             0

45. Pingree School                   0

45. St. Margarets McTiernan    0

45. Lawrence Academy            0


Individual Results



1st        Matt Sullivan, Trinity Pawling

2nd      Ravid Chowdhury, Loomis

3rd       Tom Hull, Taft

4th       Chris Van Lang, Brunswick

5th       Jonah Kanin, Roxbury Latin

6th       William Sherman, NYMA



1st        Josh Wildes, Pomfret

2nd      Jon Kim, Milton

3rd       Greg Konover, Loomis

4th       Nick Nguyen, Concord

5th       Andrew Nimon, Lexington Christian

6th       Mike Alonge, Trinity Pawling



1st        Matt Beck, St. Mark's

2nd      Ike Stonberg, Belmont Hill

3rd       Sam Astor, Williston

4th       Peter Lawrence, Loomis

5th       Marc Rudner, Eaglebrook

6th       Chris Schulze, NMH



1st        Charlie Davies, Brunswick

2nd      Grant Condon, NMH

3rd       Ayenda Inyagwa, Belmont Hill

4th       Cliff McCraw, Phillips Exeter

5th       David Trofa, Green Farms

6th       Jeffrey Pena, Phillips Andover



1st        Kyle Harger, Brunswick

2nd      Ian Barrett, Loomis

3rd       David Lawver, Hyde (CT)

4th       Henry Compton, NMH

5th       Chris Ackley, St. Mark's

6th       Rob Rasario, Trinity Pawling



1st        Dan Shvartsman, Phillips Andover

2nd      Lars Ojukwu, Phillips Exeter

3rd       Chris Beede, Brunswick

4th       Ithai Schori, Choate

5th       Jake Hays, Moses Brown

6th       Andrew McNay, Roxbury Latin



1st        Jay Haley, Landmark

2nd      Matt Piselli, Hamden Hall

3rd       Faruk Aliyu, Wilbraham & Monson

4th       Dan Lobsenz, Choate

5th       David Garner, Brunswick

6th       Austen Watson, Milton



1st        Mike Parziale, Phillips Exeter

2nd      Mike Dermody, NMH

3rd       Joe Harbour, Tilton

4th       Reggie Gossett, Belmont Hill

5th       Ralph Fedele, Trinity Pawling

6th       Caley Sullivan, Brunswick



1st        Dave Buckingham, Roxbury Latin

2nd      Andrew Wilcox, Loomis

3rd       Kyle Lee, Milton

4th       Casey Venet, Pomfret

5th       Adam Klein, Trinity Pawling

6th       Tosin Onafowokan, Williston



1st        Matt Stolpinski, Phillips Exeter

2nd      Ryan Horton, Pomfret

3rd       Claudio DeBarros, Roxbury Latin

4th       Chip Farrell, Moses Brown

5th       Andy Sjogren, NMH

6th       Steve McLarney, New Hampton



1st        David Bartlett, Williston

2nd      Mike Tousignant, Loomis

3rd       James Sheehan, Phillips Exeter

4th       Seth Howard, NMH

5th       Matt Coyle, Deerfield

6th       Malik Francois, Pomfret



1st        Kane Peverly, New Hampton

2nd      Jason Allukian, NMH

3rd       Michael Baptiste, Proctor

4th       Kelly Tripplehor, Loomis

5th       Clarence Bates, Belmont Hill

6th       Bruce Trammell, Taft



1st        Ken Bianchi, NMH

2nd      Bob DiMatteo, Belmont Hill

3rd       Rafael Rodriguez, Governor Dummer

4th       Steve Camerota, Loomis

5th       Andrew Bisset, Taft

6th       James Trummer, Phillips Exeter



1st        Zamian Charles, Williston

2nd      Eric Rakus, Suffield

3rd       Chhidabum Ilobachi, Phillips Exeter

4th       Jarred Reilly, Worcester

5th       Chris Jones, Loomis

6th       Kevin Riley, Avon