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Commonly asked Questions and Answers on Wrestling Calls

  1. What is CT’s overtime procedure?
    Answer: USAW CT follows the 2005-06 National High School Federation Rule book for all events. (pg 32)

  2. What is a slam? 
    Answer: USA Wrestling CT again refers to page 35 of the rule set forth by the NFHS. Although it may be difficult for any official to make a “slam” call. The definition is quite simple, A slam occurs when either wrestler lifts his/her opponent off the mat and returns him/her with unnecessary force. All must understand that either wrestler could be assessed this infraction.

  3. What is locking hands?
    Answer: Locking hands interpretations can be found on page 37 of the NFHS rule book. The biggest problem I see is the terminology. It’s not “locking hands” it can and will be called as touching hands beyond a reasonable reaction time. Obviously, we are a bit more flexible with younger wrestlers as opposed to older wrestlers.

  4. What is stalling?
    Answer: Stalling is the toughest call of all. It requires the official to determine the intent of the wrestler who is suspect and make the hardest judgment call ever. Definitions can be accessed on page 27 of the NFHS rule book. Blocking out, wrestling at the edge, and not working to improve or work for a pin are all examples of stalling.

  5. What is this supporting points business?
    Answer: The simple interpretation is, “if two supporting points of one wrestler are in bounds, wrestling continues.” Supporting points can be defined, but not limited to, Hands, butt, knees or feet depending on the position the wrestlers are in.( keep in mind that NFHS rules say the painted circle or any variation is “out”.)

  6. What is coaches misconduct ?
    Answer: Coaches misconduct occurs when an official feels as though a coach’s or team representative’s behavior or lack there of interrupts the normal flow of wrestling. Although there are many behaviors which could be considered as coach’s misconduct it is left to the discretion of the tournament officials as to the penalty assessed for each infraction. Because no team points are kept at many USAW-CT events the following protocol has been adopted and approved. 1st offence- coach receives a formal warning, 2nd offence-the opponent receives one match point and the coach is put on attention, 3rd offence- the opponent receives 2 match points and the offending coach is removed from the building.

  7. How is correct starting positions assessed?
    Answer: Although there are numerous references throughout the NFHS rule book, I will make it simple. When starting on the feet one foot of each wrestler must be on his or her designated color (red or green). On the mat, the defensive wrestler must have their knees behind the 12 inch line and hands in front of the 12 inch marking. On top, the offensive wrestler must have the near knee down, near palm on the elbow, far hand on the naval, with the head placed in the center of his opponents back.. In any given match a wrestler will be cautioned for the first two offences, then penalized one point for each additional occurrence. (page 42 NFHS rule book).

  8. What is the correct way to question an official?
    Answer: Coaches must realize that questioning the judgment of an official is illegal and will result in an automatic penalty. Video tapes are NEVER to be used on site. Coaches may question rule application or score or time issues. The coach MUST go to the scorers table, requesting a conference. The official will stop the match when appropriate. In any case other than judgment a penalty may be assessed or not .

  9. Who is allowed in the wrestler’s corner?
    Answer: Only USA wrestling coaches card carrying members are allowed in the corner. A maximum of two coaches are allowed in each wrestlers corner. For the qualifiers and the state championships only COPPER certified coaches will be allowed in the corner. USAWCT Board has the authority to revoke a coaches credential as a result of a due process hearing. A due process hearing will be called by the State Chairman, in which a due process committee will be formed by 3 Club directors (non board members).

    This committee will be the finder of facts and determine if the coach violated the USA Wrestling Abuse and Harassment Policies. If the coach is found to violate the policy the facts determined will be given to the USAWCT Board of Directors to administer the punishment against that coach, which could result in suspension of their coaching privileges.

  10. Who is policing the mat area?
    Answer: The host site must be responsible for the policing of the site. Officials are busy enough, It must be the host who provides security.

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