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Membership Process

Competitor & Athlete

  • ALL Connecticut wrestlers & coaches are requested to apply for their membership through their club directors.
  • Out-of-State wrestlers & coaches should contact Sarah Jadach directly at or (203) 735-7175.

Club Directors:

1. The Membership Director will provide each club director a pass- word and sign on code to register athletes and coaches on-line using the USAWCT web site. Each Club director will enter the required information for athlete and coaches. Once registration is completed, an invoice will be generated and sent to the Club Director, by e-mail for payment. The cards will be mailed or hand delivered to the Club Director, who will issue the cards to the competitor or coach. It is each clubs Director's responsibility to fill in the name, DOB and Club affiliation on the front-side of the Membership card. The Membership Director will send your blank cards with the list of wrestlers registered, which will also be your invoice for payment. In order for the member to stay in good standing the club must make timely payments, please reference the invoice number with your payment.

2. It is VERY IMPORTANT to recognize that a wrestler is not considered a member with insurance coverage until their complete information is provided to the Membership Director on-line.

3. You must keep your membership records as current as possible, so that in the event that there is a need for an insurance claim, the State Chairperson and the Membership Director, will be able to verify proof of membership to the National Office.

4. Complete membership information including name, date of birth, mailing address with zip code and phone number are mandatory and must be provided in order to complete the on-line registration process. E-mail information can be given so that the Competitor or coach can be put into our mail distribution list to the Club Directors on general membership information .

5. All card fee's, both competitor and coach are $37/card except in the case of siblings. When more than one competitor from a family signs-up additional cards cost only $32. This does not apply to coach's memberships. I.e. one (1) coach and two (2) competitor memberships from the same family costs $37 + $32 + $32 = $101.

6. Club Directors or their designee are to collect the membership fee's from each wrestler and send a single check for the batch of cards that the club has processed on line, this amount should agree with the invoice generated when completing your on-line registration. Your payment is due Ten (10) days from registration invoice date . The Membership Director/ State Chairperson will be deactivating member privileges if not paid timely.

7. Make checks payable to USAWCT and mail to USAWCT , c/o Sarah Jadach, 20 Lakeview Terrace Derby, CT, 06418

8. Insurance claim procedures can be found on the back of each membership card or you can call the State Chairman for contact information.

9. The larger portion of the membership card DOES need to be returned to the Membership Director signed by the parent/ guardian or our Membership application must be completed, which can be found on our web site

Please group the cards or the applications in membership number order.

10. Once a card has been assigned to an individual it's membership cannot be assigned to someone else. Absolutely NO REFUNDS.

Your last year membership will be on-line and the Club Director will have to add, delete or edit the prior file. Please review the final list prior to submitting and review the invoice very carefully before processing your registration as final

Membership Benefits

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