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Sanctioning Process For Tournaments

Tournament Sanctions

  1. Tournament Sanction forms may be obtained from the State Chairman.
  2. Tournament Sanction fee’s are-
    1. $150 for a general membership tournament, and
    2. $100 for all invitational tournaments regardless of the number of participants.

c.   $100 for Novice / Beginner tournaments, These are typically smaller events focused at providing an intimate environment where everyone wrestles two matches and walks away with a medal.
d. $100 for Fall tournaments

  1. Completed forms must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the event day. An expedite fee of $50 will be assessed when the turnaround time is less than 30 days.


  1. Authorization for any particular date will be determined by the USAWCT Board of Directors. A process will be defined outlining how clubs will be selected when more than one sanctioned club requests a particular event date. Tournament request dates should be made at the General Membership meeting typically held in the month of September. Initial determination of the winter folk-style season will be made by November 1 from those requests received by October 1. Any follow-on requests will be made on a first-come-first-submitted basis and dependent on date availability or event proximity.
  1. Once Tournament Date has been approved by the USAWCT Board of Director you must send an email to Mark Cammisa (Officials Director) to request the correct amount of officials for your tournament. (see below)


Mail Application and payments made payable to USAWCT:
USAWCT  c/o Sarah Jadach  20 Lakeview Terr.  Derby, CT 06418


Officials Request Process For Tournamnet

1) Clubs must send an email to Mark Cammisa (Officials Director) to request Officials for your tournament.

2) Clubs must make sure that your date has been approved by the USAWCT Board of Directors.

3)  Officials must be reserved a month in advance, therefore you must e-mail Mark Cammisa the number of officials that you will need, remember up to six surfaces you need 1 more official than surfaces, over six surfaces you need 2 more officials than surfaces, Please email Mark the Number of Mat Surfaces that you will be using, The Number of Officials that you will need and the date of which the Tournament will be held.

Any request subsequent later than December 10, will require a $50.00 additional fee.

Officials are paid $15.00 per hour or prorated part of an hour. In addition, you are to provide them Lunch and Water through out the day, if the tournament runs beyond 5:00 pm, you will give them another meal. You will also pay the Supervisor Official $75.00 for their day’s service, if the Supervisor Official also officiates, you will pay them for the time that they were on the mat officiating at the standard rates, which is $15.00 per hour for 2010-2011. The supervisor official will be considered one of the two required extra officials for tournaments with over six wrestling surfaces.

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